EU and society

Since our first contract with the European Commission in 1995, we have translated more than 40 million words in a broad range of areas, including technology, transport, chemistry, agriculture, finance, economics, environment and energy. 

EU translators since 1995

Translator Scandinavia has extensive experience of translation into Swedish and English for EU institutions and bodies. We currently have contracts with the European Commission and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union. The knowledge and experience of quality and terminology management built up by the company in the early years of working with the European Commission and European Parliament have since been developed and also benefited many other customers. Through regular feedback from customers and by working with skilled translators and revisers, we have been able to maintain a very high level of quality and constantly improve our translations.


Translations for public authorities

Our other customers include municipalities, county councils, institutions and organisations requiring help in communicating with their clients and other stakeholders.
We translate everything from tourist information to development reports, annual reports, brochures, web texts and tender documentation.
Translator Scandinavia has frame agreements with institutions including Stockholm County Council, the Church of Sweden, the Government Offices of Sweden, Chalmers University of Technology, Region Halland and the Riksbank (Sweden’s national bank).


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