We quality-assure and tailor your texts to the relevant purpose and target audience, ensuring that they work in the context in which they will be used. Revision can form part of a translation project but is also offered as a separate service.

Professional revision

Revision can encompass checking language and style, grammar, spelling and hyphenation, along with facts and terms. We provide revision and editing services in most languages, offering:

  • Professional and experienced translators who only translate into their native language in their specialist areas.
  • Tried-and-tested working methods that guarantee quality through efficient project management.
  • Professional fact checking and revision.

Proofreading or review?

When the translation is complete, the material is reviewed by another person with relevant expertise.
When reviewing the translated text, great emphasis is placed on the content being reproduced correctly, the terminology being equivalent and consistent, any templates or reference material being followed, and the language being correct and idiomatic, with the style adapted to the purpose and target audience of the document.
The text is proofread after layout in its original format, and it is then checked one last time (e.g. word wrap, hyphenation, etc.) prior to printing/publication.

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