Never purchased translation services before? No problem, here’s where we explain how it works.

The price of each translation project is based on the number of words in the text, level of difficulty, language pair and to a certain extent the format in which we handle the text. We therefore need you to send us the text so that we can draft a quotation.

How the process works:

  1. The customers sends the material for translation via email or link. The order specifies the applicable language pair, time frames and any special instructions about terminology, style, use and target audience, and so on.
  2. The material is analysed and a price is sent to the customer, along with a preliminary delivery time.
    The customer confirms the price and delivery time.
  3. The project manager compiles the relevant reference material, instructions and appropriate translation memory, subsequently initiating the translation process.
  4. Work on the translation begins. During the course of the translation work, the translator and project manager keep in touch on a regular basis to discuss any problems of interpreting the text, suitable terminology choices and how to approach reference material, etc.
  5. If included in the agreed service, the material is revised by another translator with relevant expertise when the translation is complete. (Revision = checking a translation in terms of its appropriateness for the agreed purpose, comparing source and target texts and recommending corrective measures.)
  6. The project manager makes a final check of the material.
  7. The translation is delivered to the customer.
  8. Any feedback from the customer is entered in the text, translation memories are updated and a final version of the translation is delivered to the customer.

We can translate in most formats (InDesign, Office suite, XML, etc.) and can also provide related services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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