Notes from GALA 2019 in Munich

A new edition of the GALA conference (with more than 500 attendees, record!) is over and as usual we got back home from Munich with lots of inspiration, thoughts, insights and ideas from all the meetings and presentations by talented and engaged industry leaders. But also questions, a lot of questions.

Where is our industry heading? What will happen next? Machine translation, automation, artificial intelligence, the future has been around for a while now, what does all these technologies leaves us human beings?

Very interesting to listen to the bright Hélène Pielmeier, from CSA Research, “Debunking Myths about AI” and explaining the role of AI replacing humans in simple tasks and augmenting human on more complex ones. How do we apply this knowledge to our company soon enough?

And also to István Lengyel, founder of Kilgray. If we do not automate and think smart using these beautiful technologies around us, we will become obsolete. Resistance is futile! Where are the companies that did not embrace computer assisted translation tools? Which are the skills future project managers should have?

And questions on machine translation after attending Diego Cresceris, CEO at Creative Words, and Sara Grizzos, Translator, session about Machine Translation. How do we handle machine translation in the best way to engage and train post-editors?

Because when it comes to what really counts it is about the people which we learned from the closing keynote by Véronique Özkaya from LanguageWire. We already knew this of course. The project managers, the sales team, the translators and post-editors, the business leaders and everyone else involved in the process are there to make a difference, no matter what. And when it comes to that we have the right resources.

Next year’s event will be in San Diego. Hope to be there!

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