Reinvent the customer experience

Translator Scandinavia took part in the 7th Nordic Translation Industry Forum in Helsinki on 22–24 November, where representatives of the language services industry from all over Europe, both suppliers and purchasers, met. The programme provided us with insights from the leading and most innovative players in our industry, and we came home with new perspectives. Conference highlights included:

1. Your customers rarely know what you do – make sure you help them make the right decisions.
Salvo Giammarresi from PayPal showed us how globalisation is being handled from a purchaser perspective. He described the various globalisation scenarios that companies may be faced with, with management and employees – far more often than people imagine – having no idea what localising a product for a different market entails, or how we work in the translation industry. This is something we have suspected for a long time, but it’s always good to be reminded.

2. There has been fantastic development in software solutions for interpreting, with a solution to meet every need. You can now travel the world with your own personal interpreter in your pocket!
This year NTIF focused on interpreting, and a number of companies offering interpreting software (TulkaInterprefyInteractioTikktalkYoupret and Kudo) had the opportunity to present their solutions. The interpreting industry is currently undergoing fundamental changes. The growth in broadband capacity has turned multilingual streaming into a reality, helping people communicate more easily than ever before.

3. Localisation isn’t something that can be “fixed” afterwards!
Tarja Karjalainen from Polar Oy talked about how software companies should prepare for localisation, the advantages of dedicated localisation groups and which partnerships should be included in the process. Essentials for success:
• Invest in technology
• Preserve the quality of your terminology, translation memories and workflows
• Communicate with your translation partner
• Automate as much as possible

4. Operative innovations aren’t enough – we need to reinvent the customer experience!
In a world dominated by the five giants, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook och Microsoft, our customers need to be proactive partners instead of passive suppliers. Thanks for the reminder, Robert Etches!

The future is here. If you’d like to hear more about our industry or how we work to meet our customers’ needs, call us or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you!




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