Work process

With so many people involved – end customers, copywriters, translators, revisers, proofreaders and project managers – and a great deal of content that needs to be translated into another language over a short period, the translation process can easily feel long-winded.

We recommend a process that is as free from manual file processing as possible to minimise risks in version control, streamline the process, speed up deliveries, generate greater commitment and reduce the workload for all involved.

Translator Scandinavia is certified to ISO 9001.

More automation!

If you have agreed on prices with us, you drag your files to your order page, propose a deadline, approve the price and send your order to us.

When the work is complete, you receive a link where you can download the files. If the process involves different levels of approval, we decide on these in advance (or add them during the course of the work where necessary), and those involved receive notifications in their inbox when the various translations are ready for approval online.

Everyone involved works online in an intuitive bilingual environment in which changes and comments can easily be inserted.

We ensure that the translation process proceeds according to plan, managing terminology and stylistic issues to guarantee translations that meet your expectations and are on time. After consulting with you, we decide on which steps should be included in the service, set up the workflow and approve test translations before starting work.


  • No files sent via email and no risk of errors in version control
  • Greater commitment from end customers and external revisers
  • More efficient process = faster deliveries
  • Consistent use of terminology
  • All formats
  • Easy to customise, add and remove languages or tasks in the workflow (CMS such as Epi, WordPress or Sitecore can also be linked to the process)
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