Our translators

We work constantly on recruiting new translators and revisers and on assuring the quality of what we deliver. Our translators have the areas of specialisation and language pairs that reflect the varied needs of our customers. We place a lot of emphasis on matching the right translator with the right text. This knowledge of the strengths and weakness of each individual translator means that we can plan project work and assemble the most suitable team of translators and revisers for each translation project.

Translator requirements

As a minimum we require the following from all our translators:

  • Approved test translation.
  • Good stylistic and linguistic ability.
  • Completion of a university education in languages or a suitable specialist area, or other relevant education. Specialist knowledge of a field can compensate for any gaps in formal linguistic education.

Professional translators

Many for the translators we work with are members of the Sveriges Facköversättarförening (SFÖ) or an equivalent organisation abroad and therefore meet certain basic requirements for quality and professionalism. Where translators into languages other than Swedish are concerned, we prefer to work with translators who live in their home countries (with the exception of translations that require particular comprehensive knowledge of Swedish society and life in Sweden).


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