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Are you Minding your language?

If you don’t mind, I’ll just take a minute of your time to give you a piece of my mind. Mind you, these are not (intended to be) the ravings of a man who’s lost his mind, rather a few thoughts on us – all of us – and our great payoff.

By Thomas Rambusch (Denmark)


GALA 2012 Conference. Interview with Robert Etches

Watch the video.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


Impression. GALA 2012 Conference.

The 4th annual Language of Business, Business of Language Conference hosted by the Globalization and Localization Association was held in Monaco this year. See the video.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


The Tongariro Alpine Crossing and summiting Mt Doom (aka Mt Ngauruhoe)

With my Christmas vacations in their twilight and nearing the end of its active and adventurous life, I found myself with one week remaining before I would return to work. If I was to ensure that every last drop had been squeezed, my vacation yearned for one last adventure. I had been thinking about walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for years and I thought now could be a good time.




Det er en urolig verden, vi lever i – naturen er ganske af lave, det arabiske forår skyder vildt og voldsomt frem, herrerne vinder EM-guld – og nu rokkes der også ved vores egen lille, trygge grundvold!!!

By Thomas Rambusch (Denmark)


Keeping our minds on text

Text: a many-facetted gem, and one not easily defined.

By Morten Bach (Denmark)


Hit cold water in the blood – dansk er ikke ved at uddø

Det virker dog sjældent, som om det er tilfældet ...

By Morten Bach (Denmark)


Les mots allemands employés dans la langue française et vice-versa !

Il est intéressant de voir comment l’histoire a laissé des traces que ce soit dans la langue allemande ou dans la langue française. La langue française comporte en effet de nombreux mots allemands, et vice-versa !

By Angéline Gras (Germany)


Parlez-vous français ?

Le français, comme la plupart des autres langues, connaît des variations régionales, plus ou moins marquées selon les régions comparées. Un Marseillais ne parlera pas comme un Québécois, ni un Suisse comme un Lillois.

By Dimitri Stoquart (Belgium)


Do you know a Translator or two?

A translator's profession is something of a puzzle to those outside the field.

By Aline Heirman (Belgium)


EU - Working together for quality

Fredag den 11 mars 2011 i Bryssel hände två viktiga saker, dels hade ministerrådet möte om utvecklingen i Libyen, dels hade översättningstjänsten bjudit in till ett seminarium med titeln Working together for quality.

By Cecilia Enbäck (Sweden)


Tiger Mom or Teddy Mom

After the usual Saturday piano lesson, I asked my son’s piano teacher whether Martin, now 8-years-old, needed more time practicing as he is moving on to Sonata Level 6. The teacher smiled at me and came back with a copy of text extracted from the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” “Read this and we’ll talk,” she said.

By Wei Fang (China)


Please change here ...

If there's one thing you can appreciate about living in Munich, it's public transport. It gets you pretty much everywhere in or around the city and it's reliable and generally on time ...

By Dawn McNamara (Germany)


Är översättningen begriplig? – Fråga Nalle!

Gunnar Carlsson berättar om ”nallemetoden” och vad som kännetecknar en bra översättning

By Carolina Kühnemann (Sweden)


Snap shots from a conference

From 9-12 May I attended the GALA conference in Prague. Here are my thoughts on what I saw and heard during my stay.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)

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